About the Conference

This conference will provide a platform to present and discuss results of academic research and professional experience in the study of Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts and their implications. Participants of 2016 St Andrews Conference are invited to explore both theoretically and empirically the nature of contemporary conflicts. The conference aims to uncover how international, regional and domestic political, economic and security factors and various players affect the development of the above-mentioned conflicts. In addition, the conference endeavours to investigate how these conflicts transform the way international, regional and domestic spheres and actors interact with one another.

Conference organizers invite scholars from relevant disciplines of international relations, political science, economics, sociology, anthropology, history, journalism and psychology to present their work. We anticipate papers that would reflect on the following themes:

  • Security implications of the conflicts: Rise of Islamic radicalism; external influence on domestic conflicts; influence of domestic conflicts on the rise of security threats for regional and international players; future of security alliances;
  • Geopolitical implications of Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts: Role of external actors and institutions;
  • The economy of the conflicts: Influence of external economic interests on the Syrian and Ukrainian conflict; challenges for economic development during and post-conflict period;
  • Role of mass media in conflicts.

The organizers welcome individual paper submissions. Paper proposals should include an abstract of no more than 250 words, name of author(s), affiliation and contact details. The deadline for abstract submission is April 20, 2016. The abstracts should be sent to conference organizers Daria Vorobyeva dv20@st-andrews.ac.uk or Aliya Tskhay at99@st-andrews.ac.uk. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/575976562562708/

Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements. The conference organizers could not assist with accommodation or travel costs. There is no conference fee; free lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided thought the day.


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